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5 Actionable Tips For SEO In 2018 for Edinburgh Businesses

SEO is a very dynamic industry, with rules changing on a very short notice. As search engines evolve, they adjust their algorithms to match the new trends and the new needs of internet users. This is why strategies and tactics that worked a few years ago are now considered harmful and spammy. This article takes a closer look at five actionable tips you can use for your SEO strategies in 2018. Make sure you implement them quickly, in order to reap the benefits of your work before the next big Google algorithm update.

1. Make your website lightning fast.

Google has already announced that the page loading speed will become one of the parameters that influence their SERPs. You can’t afford to have a sluggish website any longer. 2018 needs to be the year of fast-loading websites, so make sure you test yours, and you tweak it to speed it up. Give up all unnecessary bells and whistles, and make essential information visible at a glance. Image carousels are already a thing of the past, so get rid of them in case you haven’t removed them already. Optimize your code, and fix all errors. There are free websites where you can check your HTML and your CSS. If you don’t have technical skills, you should consider hiring a web development expert to optimize your website.

2. Make sure your website is well-adapted to cater to mobile users.

As the number of internet users accessing the web on their mobile devices is already bigger than the number of desktop and laptop users, it comes without saying that your website should look great on smartphones. The best practices are to implement a responsive web design layout, and to use the mobile-first approach to web development. Google has announced that mobile-friendly web pages will benefit from a small boost in SERPs. If your website is still based on outdated techniques and programming languages, consider giving it an upgrade as soon as possible. Slowly but surely, outdated websites will disappear from the SERPs. Don’t let your site be one of these losers.

3. Write longer articles.

According to statistics published by SEO experts, articles that tend to rank better are on average 2000 words long. In 2018, you can’t expect to publish 500 words articles and hope to get to the top of search. While it is also true that link building can still make a huge difference, why not apply it to articles that are already prone to raking better than the majority of the web content?

4. Update and revitalize your old articles.

According to Google, dynamic and frequently updated websites have better odds to rank higher for their most relevant keywords. This is why you should update your old content with fresh details, in order to offer your readers accurate and timely information. If you run an online store or another type of static website, consider adding a blog. This is the best way to provide your readers with fresh content they are interested in.

5. Improve your bounce rate and the time spent on site.

As most websites use Google Analytics to track their visitors, this giant of the search industry knows lots of things about people who visit your website. If most of them bounce off your pages almost immediately, without reading anything, chances are Google will consider your content as offering poor quality information. If, on the contrary, most of your website visitors spend at least one minute and interact with your website, chances are they’ve found your information as being relevant and useful. By working to improve your bounce rate and the time spent on site, you may be able to climb your way to the top of search in 2018.

These are the main five tips to help you improve your SEO in 2018. Feel free to implement them or check out this Edinburgh SEO service, and make sure you track your web traffic. If you do everything the right way, you should see a boost in your organic traffic in as little as a few weeks. Stick to these best practices for a full year, and you may have a very pleasant surprise. In addition, always remember that organic traffic converts the best. Your efforts to conquer the SERPs will pay off sooner rather than later.

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